Cosmic Calling | A Journey

Cosmic Calling | A Journey

Woman holding a handmade ceramic cup
We are all in a season of extreme uncertainty in which everything is changing rapidly and the need to feel safe, healthy and loved is very much needed.

Through it all I have found myself gravitating towards the natural ebb and flow of the cosmos. A need to feel peace and to feel grounded. To have a safe space physically but also mentally to which I can return to, in order to fill my cup and in doing so, showing up for others in a better way.

Just over a year ago I launched this blog after having what I now see as the real start of this self – awareness, self discovery journey.  In the post I wrote about realising all these things and having all these feelings but what I now know is that it is not a once off event and POOF! you are a better, more calm and in-tune human.  It is a process. A journey!  Every day, every thought, every choice is a move in whatever direction you choose.  

One thing that has helped me tremendously during the last year and a half is making an effort to spend more time in nature.   It is truly one of the only things that helps me remember what is real, what really matters. I have learned that having a morning routine or ritual gives me the space to centre myself as best as possible for the day.  Whenever I fall off the routine wagon, which happens from time to time, it is much harder to navigate my way.

Which brings me to my new range.  As Soenchie is a really personal reflection of me, it is no surprise that  my current energy flows from my hands and into the pieces I make. This new homeware range channels the stillness that I am working to cultivate.   Each cup is hand built and playing around with different shapes to find the right rounding for how I wanted it to feel when holding it in your hands.  Choosing the glaze was also a journey, but it came together to give that look and feel of earth. The two tone cups represent where earth and water meet. 

Another edition to the Cosmic Calling homeware range are the candle holders. A simple and elegant design that adds some subtle calmness to your surroundings. 

3 candles in handmade ceramic candle stick holders

Here’s to making time for the things that you love, the activities that help you.  Here’s to filling your own cup, to channeling what you long for and the serenity of reconnecting to your cosmic calling.

If you follow me on Instagram, feel free to reach out to me.  Let me know if you have, or are having a similar experience?  I would love to have soulful conversations, if you would like. 



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